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Can I monetize my Sport & Bien-être Points?

The Sport & Bien-être loyalty program allows you to accumulate loyalty points, the "Sport & Bien-être Points", for each of your orders validated on our site www.sportetbienetre. com. The points announced will be credited in your customer account.
It's points accumulated with each of your orders offer the possibility of buying any product of the site, in stock, if the quantity of point is sufficient.< br />At the following points, validated baskets means a basket whose payment has been validated and for the corresponding goods dispatched.

How it works ?

Points are generated by all products on the site without restriction and are announced on each product page. 14 points = € 1 valid on our site.
When you want to take advantage of your Sport and Well-being Points, to make a purchase on our website, simply request it from your account customer to generate a voucher corresponding to the value of your points.
The period of validity of the voucher generated at your request is 60 days, past the expiration date of the voucher generated, it will automatically be considered used. It will not be possible to reissue this voucher.

Minimum order amount in order to use the voucher is € 30. The voucher generated is valid on the entire site.
From the minimum indicated above reached in your loyalty account, you will automatically receive an email to inform you. There is no obligation to use your available points. A simple point information email will be sent to you every month.
In the event of a product return or refund, the corresponding points acquired will be deducted from your total points.

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What is the Sport & Bien-être sponsorship program?

From your first purchase, you automatically benefit from a sponsor code. This sponsor code allows you to earn Sport & Bien-être Points , in addition to your loyalty points mentioned above, thanks to the purchases made by your referrals.

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Does my sponsor code end with a referral or a single purchase?

Your sponsor code offers you the possibility of accumulating Sport & Bien-être Points for any purchase of a minimum of € 29 validated by your referrals, without restrictions on the number of validated orders, but also for all purchases of a minimum amount of € 29 validated by the referrals of your referrals, without restriction of their number of validated orders.
Any non-validated order can not claim Point Sport & Bien-être. In case of product return or refund, the corresponding acquired points will be deducted from your total points.

From your customer area, all the information allowing you clear and easy monitoring of the evolution of your points as a whole, can be viewed at any time.
Available via all the products on the site, the bonus point gain corresponds to a value of 5% of the total basket validated for each of your referrals, and 1, 5% of the total basket validated for each of your sponsored referrals (your referrals).

How do I become a sponsor?

A sponsor code is automatically assigned to you if you are a registered customer, from your first order. In order to give your friends a bonus, you can communicate on your sponsor code among a wide choice of tools available to you from your customer area, such as sharing by email, or facebook or sharing your direct sponsor link.
In order to be recognized as a sponsor, it is imperative that your sponsored child fills in your sponsor number when registering.

My godson and I have a referral bonus?

When registering a new referral, the sponsor will automatically accumulate bonus points thanks to the purchase of his referral as indicated above. The godchild will automatically benefit from a 10% welcome promo code valid on all nutrition products and food supplements on the website.
This promo code will only be valid once. The promo code is valid for 60 days and is valid from an order of € 49.

How long are the points valid for?

As long as the Sport & Wellbeing Points are not used, they remain unlimited in duration, available in the customer account.

Can I really buy everything on the site with my points?

Yes. And if there were an exception, you would be notified immediately.

Can I have my sponsor code deleted by Sportetbienetre?

As passionate about sport, well-being, nature, life, and sensitive to respect as a whole, Sportetbienetre reserves the right to delete a sponsor code and irrevocably in case of non-compliance demonstrated in your public comments, especially on social networks, fundamental principles of respect for human rights, racism, attack on the dignity of women, violence, as well as any other behavior going to the against the image of Sportetbienetre. If this is the case, you will receive an email to inform you of our decision.

Can I monetize my Sport & Wellness Points?

Yes. Do you want to go further by giving yourself the opportunity to benefit from Monetized Sport & Bien-être Points? It is possible under conditions of being of legal age, of being able to draw up an invoice at the request of transformation of your Sport & Bien-être Points into cash payment, and of being validated beforehand in a partner program. Payments are made by bank transfer, or via PayPal.
The operating principle remains identical to the operation of the loyalty and sponsorship program mentioned above. A customer account benefiting from the partner program Sport & Bien-être Cash, is in no case an employee of sportetbienetre. Sportetbienetre reserves the right to accept or not and to validate a customer account in a monetized account.
For more information or to make your request, contact us.

The Sport & Bien-être team